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On the MCC Mehari Club de Cassis stand, ikonoto next to the new electric EDEN. For more information about the EDEN :

The customized blueprint of the MCC EDEN exposed. Feel free to contact me if you want to have your own, EDEN or MEHARI, it will be with great pleasure to realize it!

The Technical Data with the ikonoto blueprints !

The electric recharge plug in place of the fuel filler cap!



MCC EDEN is a new electric vehicle based on CITROËN MEHARI. MCC EDEN is on sell since February 2017 by the Méhari Club of Cassis. The car have a certification. It has welded arches and seat belts.


Pictures legend: [1] MCC EDEN Bleu Ciel Serie Speciale RETROMOBILE 2017, [2] MCC EDEN Blanc Azur, [3] Beige Hoogar, [4] Orange Kirghiz, [5] Vert Tibesti, [6] Jaune Atacama, [7] Vert Montana, [8] Blanc, [9] Blanc avec Capote Spécifique.

MCC EDEN with the electrical engine replacing the 602 cm3 twin engine, the electronics control box on the top of the engine and the batteries replacing the fuel tank.


Pictures legend: [1] Classic Mehari Petrol engine, [2] EDEN Electric.

The MCC EDEN without the body ! You can see the electrical engine, the electronic controller and the batteries at the back.

The MCC EDEN in the body color Bleu Ciel, a limited edition for the RETROMOBILE 2017 show.

“A big thank you to all MCC team, especially for Stéphane for its dynamism and its warm welcome on the stand!”

Pascal (ikonoto)


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