To achieve accurate illustrations of the vehicles presented on this ikonoto website, I need solid documentation to make sure I take good account of the evolution of the models year after year. The ideal is to have accurate information consolidated by oldtimers fans! Discover below the list of the major websites that helped me a lot to realize ikonoto …

Le Nuancier DS All CITROËN DS colors and interior trims are presented with great humor by Dr. Danche. The famous Danchotron allows you to view the body color combination, the roof panel color and the trim allowed for all the model years. The technical topics are full of details that makes all the charm of the DS. The DanchoJournal shows exciting DS files. A must website for fans ….

Citrowagon The CITROËN DS Break (DS Safari, DS Station-Wagon) from every angle! All Breaks are presented in detail year after year. Derivatives from the Break: Familiale, Commerciale and Ambulance are fine illustrated. Vintage cars brochures are also downloadable. In short, a fantastic job from Georges ! A great site for DS and DS Break (DS Safari, DS Station-Wagon) fans !

Philippe LOSSON, CITROËN de collection Always beautiful pictures of CITROËN DS in their original configuration in settings highlighting them. The DS is very shown, but there are also very beautiful 2CV, SM and AMI 6 …

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