1970-1990 CITROËN 2CV

Berline & Fourgonnette

PAPER POSTER (70 X 50 cm)



Total of illustrated Cars : 152
Model Years: 1970 – 1990 (02/1970 – 06/1990)

Includes all:

  • 2CV 4
  • 2CV 4 ENAC
  • 2CV 6
  • 2CV 6 ENAC
  • 2CV 6 Spécial
  • 2CV 6 Club
  • 2CV Spécial
  • 2CV (Spot, Basket, Charleston, 007, France 3, Dolly, Cocorico)
  • 2CV (Week-End, Màrcatelo, Fireball, Ente Grün, Canard Vert, Bambou, Sausss Ente, Perrier, by Hermès)
  • 2CV Fourgonnette AZU A
  • 2CV Fourgonnette 250
  • 2CV Fourgonnette 400

ikonoto have realized the most complete poster of all the 2CV ! This poster is the perfect collector’s side order. You can spend hours scrutinizing every detail.

To respect the many changes of the model evolution, you will find that none of the cars is identical to the next one. So you can see the evolution between round and square head light, front air intake and many more details !

On a ligne, you’ll find one model year of production as if you enter the showroom of the Citroën dealership at that time ! Reading a column will help you visualize the evolution of a given trim level, for instance the evolution of the 2CV 6.

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  • 2x Posters.
  • Limited edition (1000 ex.).
  • Hand signed and numbered by artist.
  • 70 x 50 cm High Quality glossy paper 250 g / m².
  • Fit in any standard frame 70 x 50 cm.
  • All cars are 4,7 cm Long.
  • Legend under each car includes engine displacement & power, available gearbox, CITROËN body color chart, top speed.
  • Paper poster is carefully wrapped into a rigid tube for packaging.
  • Shipping NOT included.