1976 CITROËN CX 2200 D Confort




  • Model Year: 1976 (09/1975 – 08/1976)
  • Body Color: Rouge Soleil AC 432
  • Interior Trim: Jersey Uni Rouge
  • Engine: 2200 D (2175 cm³, 66 HP)
  • Gearbox: Mecanical 4 speeds

The CITROËN CX 2200 D Confort is introduced for the 1976 model year. It is the first Diesel engine for a CITROËN car model.

The choice of body color naturally fell on Rouge Soleil, a color only available for this year model. The interior trim is Jersey Uni Rouge. All details are faithfully reproduced: Confort hubcaps, CX “C” Pillar, bumper protection, …

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  • 48,8 MegaPixels (8268 x 5906 pixels).
  • Foot Legend include Engine Displacement & Power, CITROËN Color Chart for Body, Interior Trim Color.
  • Hydraulic Fluid Color and Type are illustrated with the Suspension Sphere in the Upper Right Corner.