Roadster Foldable Roof



  • Model Year: 1975 (09/1974 – 08/1975)
  • Body Color: Farbencode 172 AnthrazitGrau
  • Interior Trim: Polster Stoff Schwarz
  • Engine: 450 (4520 cm³, 225 HP)
  • Gearbox: Automatic 3 speeds

The MERCEDES-BENZ 450 SL is proposed by MERCEDES-BENZ for the 1973 model year. This model is a 1975 with the Foldable Roof on!

The choice of body color naturally fell on AnthrazitGrau, a beautiful color that suits perfectly the classic design of the R107. The interior trim is Stoff Schwarz. The vehicle is equipped with tinted glaces, antenna, front light wiper… All details are faithfully reproduced: alloy wheels, chrome side mirrors, bumper protection, large front air intake with the MERCEDES-BENZ star…

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  • 48,8 MegaPixels (8268 x 5906 pixels).
  • Foot Legend include Engine Displacement & Power, MERCEDES-BENZ Color Chart for Body Color (Farbencode), Interior Trim Color (Polster).