1965 CITROËN DS 19 Pallas




  • Model Year: 1965 (09/1964 – 08/1965)
  • Body Color: Gris Anthracite AC 101
  • Roof Panel Color: Gris Métallisé AC 141
  • Interior Trim: Jersey Rhovyline Rouge Carmin
  • Engine: 19 (1911 cm³, 83 HP)
  • Gearbox: Hydraulic 4 speeds

The CITROËN DS 19 Pallas is proposed by CITROËN for the 1965 model year, almost ten years after the DS launch.

The choice of body color naturally fell on Gris Anthracite, a color that fit perfectly the DS Pallas beautiful design. The interior trim is Jersey Rhovyline Rouge Carmin. All details are faithfully reproduced: ’65 Pallas hubcaps, body color additional front lights, chrome tail lights, “DS” logo for Pallas version written on the “C” pillar…

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  • 48,8 Megapixels (8268 x 5906 pixels).
  • Foot legend include engine displacement & power, CITROËN color chart for body color and roof panel, interior trim color.
  • Hydraulic fluid color and type are illustrated with the suspension sphere in the upper right corner.