ABOUT ikonoto

Hi everyone, I’m Pascal BERTRAND and I was born in CANADA in the early ’70s. I’m a big car fan ! In my mid ’20s I settled in FRANCE to work in the car industry. I have launched ikonoto in 2011 to illustrate classic cars bluerprints, one of my passion!

I often go to big oldtimer motor shows events so maybe you can find me there and it will be a pleasure to talk around oldtimers. I would also like to thanks all the customers around the world that trusted ikonoto’s products to still remain in the race after those early years…

ikonoto, hours of hard work!
For a long time, I was looking for pictures of oldtimers with a weakness for side views that can well judge the «line » of a car. A visual representation simple, complete and unadorned is very hard to find: chopped, deformed with fantastic proportions, dark or overexposed image, view misguided, model year impossible to find … in short,a real headache! And as one is never better served than by oneself, ikonoto was born. To arrive at a result of this level, many hours were spent observing, drawing and redrawing the cars, all with more than one documentation provided. Several contacts with very high expectation collectors helped me improve my work! A lot of elbow grease (LHM or LHS) was used not to mention a good dose of patience and above all … a good magnifying glass!

ikonoto, a unique style!
Halfway between technical drawing and art, ikonoto illustration offers a high quality by combining the best of two worlds: precision and emotion. Indeed, the illustrations maintain the accuracy of a technically integrated the details of the vehicle by injecting the excitement of a traditional design made of colors, gradients, reflections and contrast to achieve a unique style of drawing. The illustrations are fully realized in two dimensions, guiding the work tool by hand. The color is built layer by layer, using large flat areas, like the famous gouaches staking cars catalogs  of the ‘60s. The lighting, contrast and brightness are delicately made, combined with a rich and structured to chart a clear reading. Nothing superfluous overload the ikonoto illustrations. Only the car catches your eye.

ikonoto, a faithfull line!
The ikonoto line is 100% compliant to the real full size vehicle, error-free perspective or proportions. Your illustration is certified to your car. Even in curvy vehicles as the CITROËN DS, the sequences of volumes, lines of light, stamped sheet metal and the radii of curvature of the curves are perfectly reproduced. The chrome glitter subtly, the windows are transparent, the body is covered with glossy paint and natural reflections of the different elements are reflected on the varnish of the body.

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